Sirotić: Hearty wines spiced up by Butoniga Lake terroir

Sirotić: Hearty wines spiced up by Butoniga Lake terroir
  • Sirotić winery

  • Medveje 8, Buzet
  • Phone: +385 52 667 194
  • Phone: +385 91 501 81 24
  • Web:
  • GPS: 45.350115,13.958835

Lonely hamlet of Medveje is situated on the green hills that surround Butoniga Lake from the north, some 13 km south from Buzet. This place, far from any main road, is worth visiting not only because of the idyllic landscape and slow pace of life in the air. In Medveje you will find hearty, honest wines made by Sirotić family, more precisely by the father and son who are both called Dario. Here, on the steep southern exposition slopes, they own more than 3 ha of vineyards planted with Istrian Malvasia, Chardonnay, Teran and Refošk. ”We have a vineyard with more than 60-year-old Teran vines”, says Dario Jr. proudly showing me a vine thicker than his hand which grows in white clay-limestone soil.

The main characteristic of their wines is the simplistic style of winemaking, emphasizing all the qualities of this unique terroir. In all Sirotić’s wines you will feel exceptional minerality which gives them elegant closing and makes you ready for another glass.

Teran, partly aged in big oak barrels, is certainly their flagship wine due to its unusual character, which has a taste of their place. In the nose at first it is very rustic, then a Syrah-like black pepper appears, then some dry roses and forest floor pop out. In the mouth the real Teran appears with red berry flavors, all supported by astounding levels of acidity. A wine for hearty winter dishes. We recommend you to aerate it for at least two hours.

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Don’t miss their Istrian Malvasia and Chardonnay, both made in stainless steel vats only. Malvasia has seductive aromas of tropical fruits and Mediterranean herbs, while in the mouth it is of lighter style and very fresh. Surprisingly, Chardonnay is less intense in the nose – it is more Sauvignon-like, with green grass and it has a nice odor of wet clay and iodine. Reminds of Chablis style chardonnays. The body is strong, in the mouth at first you feel sour green apple. Afterwards ripe yellow fruits appear together with almost brutal mouthwatering salts. The aftertaste is creamy and long.

The new tasting room with fireplace used for grilling or cooking with peka

The old stone house of family Sirotić

Entrance in he hamlet of Medveje by night

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