Buhač: Best-buy Croatian Cab comes from Srijem

Buhač: Best-buy Croatian Cab comes from Srijem
  • Buhač winery

  • Hercegovačka 1, Ilok
  • Phone: +385 32 593 100
  • Phone: +385 98 93 33 995
  • GPS: 45.21910, 19.37424

Review by our friend and passionate wine enthusiast eNOgAStrObRUtaL. Photo of winemaker Domagoj Buhač courtesy of Željko Garmaz – zeljko-vinskeprice.blogspot.com.

Who says you can’t buy good red wine in Croatia for 35 kn (about 5 euro)?

Srijem is awakening! In the last ten years several family wineries from this most eastern Croatian region started to make wines which would, I am more than convinced, perform well at international blind tastings. The terroir where vines have been grown since the time of ancient Rome must give birth to a good wine. The region is mostly known for its famous Gewürztraminer and Sylvaner, but recently it has shown great potential for great red wines. The first who started planting red grape varieties in Ilok was Domagoj Buhač, the owner of Buhač winery, who gets about 100.0000 L of wine from his 19 hectares. He is mostly known for his Merlot, considered the best buy red wine in Croatia.

A tip: We heard what’s Domagoj’s best kept secret – a sweet wine made from Gewürztraminer. There is only 50 L left so to taste this divine nectar you must visit him in Ilok.

2009 Buhač Merlot

Aroma of wild strawberry opens the scene. Then, a thick strawberry compote appears, then overripe cherries, raspberries and blueberries, a bit of black pepper. Wood vanilla aromas are still omnipresent and not well incorporated yet. The nose already tells us this wine is still young. The palate is medium bodied and a bit lighter than the cab, but again well balanced with a great freshness. There is a kind of astringency of a juicy pomegranate and a lot of berries. Aftertaste is at first slightly bitter and berry-like, then apple flavor appears. I love that apple aftertaste in red wines!

A very good Merlot with lovely varietal definition. It will be on its peak in a year or two, but already now it’s a very enjoyable food-friendly wine.

2009 Buhač Cabernet Sauvignon

In the nose at first ripe berries jam, vanilla and a hint of smoke. After 20 minutes ripe cherry, cranberry and toasted bread appear. The mouth faithfully follows the nose. Fresh and warm, nice balance between acids and alcohol. Tannins come with a delay, they are at first slightly bitter, then continue with elegant roughing sensation. Medium to long persistence.

A technically perfect and elegant cab for only 35 kn (5 euro). Without any doubt, it is my favorite Buhač wine.

Disclaimer: The wines have been tasted in April 2011.

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