San Hubert liqueur: Bitter-sweet mountain medicine

  • Obrt Kotač

  • Rudolfa Strohala 127, Lokve, Gorski kotar
  • Phone: +385 51 831 211
  • Phone: +385 98 96 59 156
  • GPS: 45.3603, 14.7521

Vid Arbanas from Lokve produces some of the most special and original drinks in Croatia. If you like Jägermeister or Underberg, forget about them, THIS is the real stuff. Made from more than 50 kinds of herbs and fruits from the clean forests and mountains of Gorki kotar region, it’s not just a perfect aperitif or after-dinner drink but also a medicine.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try other great medicines made by this herb wizard: brandy Hajdučka travarica, digestif Papra and liquers Divlja ruža (wild rose) and Plava mrča (blueberry and wild herbs).

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