Pastry shop Cukarin: Traditional Korčula sweets

Pastry shop Cukarin: Traditional Korčula sweets

This amazing little shop with sweets and delis is definitely one of the most interesting places on the whole Adriatic coast. The visionary “auntie” Smiljana started making and selling homemade Dalmatian sweets 17 years ago, using traditional recipes, but also her own creativity. Cukarin, klašun, amareta, harubica, Marko Polo bombica – we can’t decide which one is the best. All are fresh, sold the same day. No artificial ingredients are allowed, only the best local goodies are used: walnuts, almonds, rose brandy, lemon, orange, carob… Positive vibes will stay with you long after you leave Smiljana’s shop.

Interesting fact: In Cukarin they use ammonia for baking instead of modern leavening agents, just like in the old days.

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  1. renata 7. 9. 2012. at 8:01 pm Reply

    najbolji kolači…najbolja ponuda…najljubazniji ljudi…a nadasve najljepša Korčula..biser južne Dalmacije

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