Restaurant Vodnjanka: Modern approach on grandma’s tradition

Restaurant Vodnjanka: Modern approach on grandma’s tradition
  • Restaurant Vodnjanka

  • Istarska bb, Vodnjan
  • Phone: +385 52 511 435
  • GPS: 44.95954, 13.85427
  • Price range: Reasonable

Restaurant Vodnjanka, with its long tradition, is Vodnjan’s institution. This small town close to Pula is renowned for its olive oil production and the most famous Young Olive Oil Festival held each year in November.

While you’re there you might get hungry, and since Vodnjanka is right across the street we would recommend going there. It’s has a certain urban atmosphere, and you’ll get the feeling of being in someone’s apartment. The food is quite traditional, but not in a rural, “oštarija” sort of way. This is not your typical Istrian konoba. It’s a restaurant that leans on grandma’s tradition, but has a bit more modern approach. This is why, for instance, you will have a wide choice of bottled wines, which is usually not the case in a rural Istrian konoba. The situation is same with different olive oil varieties and producers.

The menu includes all the traditional dishes, but they like to play it differently, too. Their homemade pasta can be made in various ways and it’s always follows the season. You can always count on their homemade pršut / prosciutto and cheese from local producers. They are never mass produced.

And you can always count on Frenki, the soul of Vodnjanka.

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4 Responses to Restaurant Vodnjanka: Modern approach on grandma’s tradition

  1. Clem 23. 11. 2011. at 1:12 pm Reply

    The more modern approach on grandma’s tradition is definitely appealing!

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