Marenda 2: Lunchtime Just Like Old Times

Marenda 2: Lunchtime Just Like Old Times
  • Marenda

  • Nove crkve 9, Šibenik
  • Phone: +385 22 3360 77
  • GPS: 43.735732,15.891586
  • Wine friendly: No
  • Vegetarian friendly: No
  • Price range: Budget

Old style tavern Marenda 2 is the rightful heir of the old Marenda which used to feed the working folk of Šibenik 40 years ago. Now it’s back, with a vengeance! It’s trying to fight off modern junk food meals on the go and make people enjoy their lunch break as they should. The menu is as simple and traditional as can be: pršut, cheese, bacon, dry ribs, fried fish, squid. Wine is served directly from the barrel.

(photos courtesy of Jelena Iva Nikolić)

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