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Follow the Steps of Anthony Bourdain in Croatia

It took Anthony Bourdain, the famous chef and world traveler, quite a while to discover Croatia and its bounties, he admitted. But then it blew his mind and palate! When you see it all in the Croatian episode of his TV show "No Reservations"

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Velikanović i Kosovec: Kontinentalna naklapanja

Čašne sestre neformalna su skupina iskrenih vinskih kušačica koje svoja nepca stavljaju u službu čitatelja neopterećenog stručnim terminima. Kušanja se odvijaju u ležernoj, ali posvećenoj atmosferi, u želji da se vino dočara kao prijatelj, pratitelj u svakodnevnom životu.


Food & Wine Venues


Mala hiža

Central Croatia
Last impressions Međimurje Cuisine Highlights an...
Experience traditional cuisine from Međimurje region in this friendly top-notch restaurant located near Čakovec, in an authentic 130-year-old wooden house. Try dishes with ingredients like buckwheat, wild mushrooms, nettle... The menu changes every month according to seasons. The recent one includes marinated duck breast, horse-radish soup, pumpkin gnocchi with sauerkraut and bacon, deer fillet, red cabbage rolls filled with cured pork shank and barley, roast apples filled with almonds, dried fruit, cinnamon and aniseed, plus many more... Pair it with excellent local wine from Međimurje. Even though the place looks a bit fancy and the service is impeccable, the prices are quite unexpectedly normal.


Dalmatia Zadar
Last impressions Seafood with a twist
At first glance, this looks like just another typical Dalmatian seafood tavern, although with a bigger and nicer garden and terrace. But the owner's gourmet philosophy and great passion push this place a little bit further. Take the usual ingredients, but give them that extra touch. We tried two of the best risottos ever: one with zucchini and mussels, the other with shrimps and porcini mushrooms. Here they stuff the usual grilled octopus or calamari with Pag cheese and pršut (smoked ham) from Posedarje. So simple yet so brilliant. But don't think that the setting is classy or uptight - on the contrary. Nice and easy does it!
Although Poreč is known as Croatian tourist mecca it does not offer much to gourmet travellers, especially in the historic center. Located in a sleepy suburb of Poreć, restaurant Dvi Murve is a pleasant retreat on hot summer days. Soak up a cool breeze in the shade of the 200-year-old mulberry tree which dominates the large terrace, or dine indoors, where soft lighting and red brick walls give the interior a low key intimacy. Dvi Murve has served excellent seafood from the nets of local fishermen for thirty years. The menu is primarily traditional fare, with strides toward the new evident in the excellent house made black pasta with prawns. Carnivores will enjoy truly excellent steaks, or even more locally influenced offerings such as ox steak with truffles. To complement your meal, the wine list boasts ultra-regional vintages from within 15 kilometers of Poreć. This includes a few from the obscure Borgonja grape, believed to be a mutation of the Gamay brought to Istria by Napoleon.
Farm To Table
To try how the real Istrian pršut should taste come to Zrenj, a remote village on the plateau above Buzet. Here all the ingredients are local and that can be felt in every single dish we tasted. They were prepared with care, respecting the traditional way of (slow) cooking. We are quite sure this divine Istrian pršut was made from a pig that was raised here in the backyard. It has a nice pepper crust, tender and humid inside, of sweet and gentle taste. The panceta (dried bacon) is also a dream, Mediterranean aromatic herbs enchant you as you swallow it. Fuži, this beloved Istrian pasta in a form of rolled tube, is made to perfection – large pieces, made of thick pasta sheets so that they remain al dente. It is worth coming here just to eat fuži with just a bit of butter and plenty of shaved white or black truffles on top. Enjoy also their homemade vinegar and delicious cakes that taste like they are coming from grandmother’s cookbook.

Konoba Batelina

Čimulje 25
+385 52 573 767
Farm To Table
Give David Skoko fresh fish or shellfish – the more underrated, the better – and he’ll turn it into a pure and simple but glorious piece of culinary art. His sister is responsible for crazy and yummy desserts that are light years from standard offer in Croatian restaurants (palačinke). This family-owned tavern is in the heart of all true Croatian gourmands. They put quality before profit, promote local ingredients and wine and make you feel like among friends.

OPG Komparić

+385 98 535 669
Family Farms
What could be a typical Croatian breakfast on the Adriatic coast? I suggest palačinke (similar to French pancakes) with fig jam. Family farm «OPG Komparić» from Pula produce it only from the fruits coming from their own fig trees that grow near picturesque village Marčana on the east Istrian coast. Fruit content is more than 80 percent! Enjoy the plain one or spiced jam with a touch of tangerines, cinnamon or ground almonds. The most curious one is with sage, full of Mediterranean sunny aromas that will surely lift up your mood in the most depressive month of the year. Check out also their excellent and non-filtered extra virgin olive oils made from Leccino, Bjelica and Buža olive varietals.

Fresh sandwich & salad bar

Anticova 5
+385 52 418888
Fast Good
The best place in Pula center to get a healthy bite when you’re in a hurry. They’ve become famous for the best ham and cheese French toast in the town but a tasty choice of vegetarian/vegan salads and sandwiches makes them really unique. What makes me happy is how they show traditional Croatian savory pies like zlevanka and various pitas can be well accepted in a fast food joint. The owner Blaženka Hriberski said that now even the locals, known for their conservative palates, like very much their non-meat dishes – bulghur with baked veggies and raw cauliflower, spinach and chicory quiche, red lentils or black cabbage (raštika or broskva) soup… I usually go there for marenda (traditional Istrian brunch) to order ciabatta with grilled chicken and vegetables, but instead of mayo I kindly ask them for a generous spread of their homemade hummus. A delight!

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