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U mjehurićastom magnovenju

iako su sestre tijekom prosinca grcale u vinskim obavezama, nisu se štedjele kako bi za vas svoja nepca podvrgnule dodatnom intimnom vinskom kušanju u miru svojih ćelija. Netom pred ulazak u novu godinu kušale su tri pjenušca s kojima su se i dotad već često susretale.

Staff's voice

The Filo Dough Legend

Did you know that the fancy Austrian strudel and the not so glamorous Balkan burek are both made with filo dough? Andrea introduces us to the wonderful but complicated world of filo dough delights, all spiced up with a few dashes of gastronomical geopolitics.


Food & Wine Venues


Fresh sandwich & salad bar

Anticova 5
+385 52 418888
Fast Good
The best place in Pula center to get a healthy bite when you’re in a hurry. They’ve become famous for the best ham and cheese French toast in the town but a tasty choice of vegetarian/vegan salads and sandwiches makes them really unique. What makes me happy is how they show traditional Croatian savory pies like zlevanka and various pitas can be well accepted in a fast food joint. The owner Blaženka Hriberski said that now even the locals, known for their conservative palates, like very much their non-meat dishes – bulghur with baked veggies and raw cauliflower, spinach and chicory quiche, red lentils or black cabbage (raštika or broskva) soup… I usually go there for marenda (traditional Istrian brunch) to order ciabatta with grilled chicken and vegetables, but instead of mayo I kindly ask them for a generous spread of their homemade hummus. A delight!

Bistro M&Z (Kod Srbina)

Last impressions Arguably the best grill in Zagreb
Bistro M&Z has been renovated after a big fire, which means it finally looks like a decent place. Our advice is to try EVERYTHING they have! (You don't have to do it all at once, though.) Secret meal which has never never been on the menu - mazalice --> spicy spread made from "material" for ćevapčići (in the main photo). They say the secret is in the wood charcoal, in the meat, in the recipes... Actually, who knows. We are sure there will be many who will try to argue and suggest there are better grill places in Zagreb, and they may be right. But still, this place is dear to out hearts, and we are not alone! There is a twin restaurant in Črnomerec (Mitnica), with identical menu, but we have to check (again) if they can stand up to this cult joint...


Last impressions One of the best Fiorentina stea... Beers galore, excellent pizza a...
Although I do not define myself as devoted carnivore and always prefer some hearty vegetable minestrone over ćevapčići or miješano meso, I admit I am weak on good Fiorentina steaks. Luckily I listened to advice of one gourmet friend from Zagreb who told me I should definitely give a call to O'hara's owner Marin and reserve one Fiorentina for the dinner for two that immediately became among top3 I have ever eaten (the other two I have eaten in Tuscany and Rome). The meat was so tender that no knife was needed and its savor was delicate yet very beefy. The steaks were obtained from the Čučković brothers who told me their Fiorentinas are sourced only from bulls born and raised on small family farms in continental part of Croatia. Be aware that only if you put yourself on Marin's waiting list you will be able to savor that divine piece of meat. I also have to praise their excellent service with kindest and funnies waiters you can imagine, great selection of craft beers and surprisingly innovative and alway homemade desserts. From my words it is easy to realize that O'hara is much more than already excellent pizzeria whose pizzas and pizzaiolo were proclaimed the best in Croatia in 2014.
Traditional Produce
This family owned butcher shop is in hands of brother Čučković who are today the most popular butchers in Croatia, mostly because they were one of the first to realize the importance of social media. These hospitable and talkative guys are not only excellent as producers of catchy Instagram pics and funny statuses but, what is more important to me, they offer top quality meat sourced from family owned farms in continental Croatia. Travelers through Croatia, who are for obvious reason maybe not interested in their fresh meat offer, can still find visit to Čučković shop on the outskirts of Rijeka well worth. They produce their very own charcuterie delicacies like pancetta, salami, bresaola, lard or buđola. Perfect for your travel sandwiches or to take back home as gourmet souvenir.

Ljubekov gaj

Last impressions Ideal For Family Day Out
A hearty meal in a warm setting, overlooking the Zagorje hills. Sounds good? Then ignore the bizarre stuffed fox pointing a shotgun at you at the entrance, come in and try the best cottage cheese and cream in your life, followed by tender game in juicy sauces and the unavoidable range of poultry with mlinci. They just wouldn't tell me where they get the cheese. Utter frustration.


Last impressions
Starting out at the forefront of the currently burgeoning Zagreb burger scene a couple of years ago, Rougemarin, set in a former socialist light bulb factory, has become known as the definitive place to go to have a juicy slob of minced beef (with duck fat!). While I thought the burgers were good, I was generally not as impressed, mostly because I felt they lacked a bit of sweet lovin' juicy. The rest of the menu, however, completely made up for it: modern Croatian and/or exotic interpretations of traditional recipes such as roast chicken with soft "basa" cheese from rural Lika or butterscotch glazed pork loin with mushroom and truffle polenta and cardamom scented yoghurt. Mouthwatering. The dessert section of the menu is still a bit conservative, but it's getting there. The wine list is good; the place looks cool and industrial; their ingredients are locally sourced. They even have artisan mini-burger nights and guest starring chefs every once in a while. Meaning - go for the burgers, stay for the chestnut puree and rosemary-flavored pears.

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